February Looking Back…

I guess I would not be exaggerating if I said that February was such a short month..after all, it is at least 2 days shorter than the others.  February was a month that I am very proud to have behind me, not because it was bad but because it was awesome!


Here is a recap of my February goals in case you would like a refresher.


How I did with my monthly goals: 

The goals I set for myself in February were:

  1. Read The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah
  2. Do Whole 30 all month
  3. Purge and Toss and Donate.

Another successful month- I was able to achieve ALL of my February goals!

Not only did I read The Nightingale (spoiler- it was AMAZING! totally lived up to all the hype I was hearing!) I read a second book, Cold Tangerines, and started a third.

Not only did I complete Whole 30, but I think it is safe to say that it was a game changer.  Read more about why here, if you missed the post I wrote last week all about my experience.

Not only did I purge, toss and donate, I rearranged out kitchen cupboards and feel like they are much more functional for us.  Our kitchen cupboards are an area of the house that always have me wanting to pull my hair out…the tupperware drawer that is always overflowing but never with complimentary pieces, the abundance of things I can’t seem to use on a regular basis, the million sippy cups..I could go on but I digress..But i tackled this in February and I am probably more excited about it that I should be.  I was also able to take advantage of timing and donate all of our used kids’ items to our local Christian school’s thrift sale.  win-win!

Other Things That Were Great: 

maple.syrup. season.  My family has a sugar shack and collects and boils sap into maple syrup.  Family weekends at the sugar shack are something we look forward to from fall until early summer but once production starts for the spring season it is full-tilt and we love every minute of it.  The weather has been up and down so the season hasn’t really been too crazy yet.  I love making memories at our sugar shack.

My little guy is crawling! and clapping! and saying dada! I was starting to think he was going to be gracious to me and not grow to quickly, being our last baby and all, but then last week and the week before BAM! all the milestones at once! Still no teeth though..

Whole 30 success means that I also lost 14 lbs! I could not be more excited about this and the change is clear in how my clothes fit and my energy levels and my sleep quality. Yay!

Looking Ahead to March:

How is it March already?! Did we just celebrate the new year last week? No? ok..

I have set 3 goals for myself for the month of March:

  1. Read 3 books. I have already finished one that I started at the end of last month.  Ambitiously, I started reading 2 books at once last night and this morning so hopefully I can get them both finished! (Follow me on Goodreads to see what I am reading)
  2. Start 100 day project. One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to complete a 100 day project.  See more about 100 day projects here or by searching #100dayproject on Instagram to see some really great visual projects. I have more to share about this in a future post, but my 100 day project will be writing-inspired and should start around March 26!
  3. Try to walk at least twice a week. This goal might have been a bit ambitious, looking back, because while the spring weather is on the way..there are still some very cold days, some very windy days, and some very busy days.  I still want to try to get out walking as often as I can, but today for example, is super windy and yesterday was super cold…

What goals did you accomplish in February? Was it one for the books or just more meh..?

What are you looking forward to in March? I would love to hear your hopes and goals in the comments!




I am so proud of myself!

I don’t get the opportunities to say this often so I just really wanted to start off with that. I went 30 days without eating added or natural sugars (besides fruit), alcohol, grains, dairy and legumes- hello- no cheese, peanut butter, wine or chocolate!! And I drank so.much.black.coffee…



Before starting the Whole 30 challenge I was so skeptical. Skeptical that it wouldn’t have any difference on my life and skeptical that I could even do it.  Both of those fears were blown out of the water after the first two weeks.  I had no idea the effect that food could have on my body- how I felt and my energy levels, until I got into a pretty steady groove with Whole 30.  Two weeks in I had so much energy by the time my kids went to bed I was floored! I also noticed that my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and stiffness got better and better until at the two week point I woke up and thought ‘I actually feel no pain at all’.. two more weeks later and that is still the truth! (Now I don’t want to go making false promises to anyone, I am not an expert, but this is my experience and I am so grateful for some light at the end of this long tunnel!)

Perhaps 10 days in of eating Whole 30 dinners, my husband (who is a farmer and pro-eatingwhateverhewants) said to me, “I didn’t think this diet was going to have any effect on me, but I feel amazing!” That right there friends should be enough encouragement for anyone to start Whole 30!


It isn’t to say that I didn’t have challenges- I sure did want to eat chocolate after supper and have wine on Friday nights. But I knew that it was worth trying and in the end I am glad that my willpower allowed me to complete this! In the 30 days, I was faced with:

4 family dinners

1 potluck

2 weekend activities that included drinking

1 birthday (with the most delicious- looking cake)

1 skate on the canal that included Beaver Tails

All of these would have been perfect circumstances for me to just say ‘forget it’ and eat the pasta my mother-in-law made, or have a glass of wine, or justify that our only family trip skating deserves me a Beaver Tail…and all the work in the preceding days would have been down the drain.


I persevered and now I can say that I am Whole 30!  Look for future posts where I share some of my favourite recipes- many of which will be in our meal planning rotation for dinners to come!

Have you tried Whole 30 before? What did you find difficult or easy about it?



What I did this week instead of blogging- a memoir

Hello Friends! It is Friday and here in Ontario it feels like Spring! Well, to be honest, today feels like Winter but yesterday was 12 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be 16 degrees and the snow is melting away and the birds are singing.. heck, I even had the windows open yesterday!


This week has been a great one for me personally, but as far as blogging goes, this is the first time I have looked at WordPress all week! But I think I am ok with it. I blog because I like writing and I like having an outlet for anything creative I want to do – which is quite little, but hey! at least it’s here.

So this week instead of blogging I actually was able to get quite a bit done, including:

-Coursework for my Masters- I am quite ahead now and there is just 3 weeks left this semester!

-Spending lots of time at my family’s Sugar Shack. It is maple syrup time and everyone is working hard to stay on top of it!

-Cleaning my house and purging unwanted items. This felt glorious as I am someone who tends to feel suffocated by clutter and ‘stuff’.  This was also a February goal so I am glad I got it done!

-Grocery Shopping and errands.

-Walking (outside!!)

I did have some time this morning to sit down and plan out my March posts and I am really looking forward to getting those posts written!

What did you spend your week doing?

Loving Lately…

Happy February!

I am really feeling like I am hitting my stride lately in a lot of areas.  I am feeling good and happy and productive and just fulfilled! I love it!  I thought I would share some things that I am loving lately.


1. Paula’s Choice Skincare products.  Find them here! I heard good things about this line, including that they are gentle and cruelty-free.  I ordered the CLEAR Regular Strength Kit which is a three step, twice-daily regimen to help fight acne.  I have skin like a thirteen-year-old despite being in my late-twenties.. groan.  At first I found this product worked really well on my skin, which was in pretty rough shape.  After about 2 weeks I seem to have some breakouts again in the same place, on my chin, but my skin feels really health and smooth and the actual skin that isn’t covered with breakouts actually has a better look to it!

2. My Coursework. Yes, I am such a teacher, but I feel so good when I am learning things and this semester I find each week I literally get excited when doing my readings and assignments! I think that’s a really good sign.

3. My Waterbottle. I am not one to use a cup regularly, but am always sipping out of a water bottle.  I found this one at Winners for a sweet, low price and snatched it up.  It is pretty, really good quality and keeps my water super cold! (can also be used for hot beverages for 12 hours!)

4. My (used) Fitbit Charge HR. I have been looking for a second-hand Fitbit for over a year and a half now.  I haven’t had any luck on kijiji or the sale websites.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook about Fitbit customer service and how happy she was with it, and that they were sending her a new Fitbit to replace her very minimally damaged one.  I emailed her inquiring about the damage and her intention to sell it.  She agreed to sell it to me for super cheap! (Score!) I love seeing how much (or how little) activity I am getting in a day.  I have set my daily steps goal to 8000, much below the recommended 10,000 but also much more attainable with my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I also really like seeing the sleep tracker and getting a clear picture of how long and how well I am sleeping each night! Bonus: It’s purple!

5. Cooking! Let me be loud and clear about this- I AM NOT A GOOD COOK! My husband will atest to this! I am ok with some basic things but as a whole I don’t have a flare for the culinary arts.  Since undertaking the Whole 30 challenge (Read more about it here) I have been determined to step outside of my comfort zone and make all of my meals (gasp!) and to experiment so I can make tasty, compliant dishes.  So far so good- but it’s day 3!

What are you loving lately?  How are you feeling about your current routine?  Any suggestions for me? Leave a comment or catch up with me on Instagram (@thisbusylifeblog) to let me know!