Spring Bucket List

Hello again Friends! Long time no post.. Sorry again!  I started to worry about how my blog was suffering a little bit and then stopped when I realized how many valuable things I have going on in my life right now- I would feel worse if I was wasting my time but I have been spending lots of time with my husband and kids, working on 2 really neat side projects (Can’t wait to share in the future) and pushing through my 100 day project!  So as sorry as I am to see my blog posts go a bit further without posts, I am okay with it right now.


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It seems like spring is taking its sweet time to get here so while the days are not-so- hot and sunny, I am going to assume it is here and start my spring bucket list.  Even though the weather has been less than spectacular, I have been able to check off a few items already! Here is my Spring Bucket List for this year:

-Play at the Park

-Buy Seasonal Toys 

-Take a Long Walk

-Go For Ice Cream

Go See the Horses 

Long, Sunday Drive

-Stop to Smell the Flowers.

What is on your spring bucket list?! I would love to hear about it!


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