I am so proud of myself!

I don’t get the opportunities to say this often so I just really wanted to start off with that. I went 30 days without eating added or natural sugars (besides fruit), alcohol, grains, dairy and legumes- hello- no cheese, peanut butter, wine or chocolate!! And I drank so.much.black.coffee…



Before starting the Whole 30 challenge I was so skeptical. Skeptical that it wouldn’t have any difference on my life and skeptical that I could even do it.  Both of those fears were blown out of the water after the first two weeks.  I had no idea the effect that food could have on my body- how I felt and my energy levels, until I got into a pretty steady groove with Whole 30.  Two weeks in I had so much energy by the time my kids went to bed I was floored! I also noticed that my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and stiffness got better and better until at the two week point I woke up and thought ‘I actually feel no pain at all’.. two more weeks later and that is still the truth! (Now I don’t want to go making false promises to anyone, I am not an expert, but this is my experience and I am so grateful for some light at the end of this long tunnel!)

Perhaps 10 days in of eating Whole 30 dinners, my husband (who is a farmer and pro-eatingwhateverhewants) said to me, “I didn’t think this diet was going to have any effect on me, but I feel amazing!” That right there friends should be enough encouragement for anyone to start Whole 30!


It isn’t to say that I didn’t have challenges- I sure did want to eat chocolate after supper and have wine on Friday nights. But I knew that it was worth trying and in the end I am glad that my willpower allowed me to complete this! In the 30 days, I was faced with:

4 family dinners

1 potluck

2 weekend activities that included drinking

1 birthday (with the most delicious- looking cake)

1 skate on the canal that included Beaver Tails

All of these would have been perfect circumstances for me to just say ‘forget it’ and eat the pasta my mother-in-law made, or have a glass of wine, or justify that our only family trip skating deserves me a Beaver Tail…and all the work in the preceding days would have been down the drain.


I persevered and now I can say that I am Whole 30!  Look for future posts where I share some of my favourite recipes- many of which will be in our meal planning rotation for dinners to come!

Have you tried Whole 30 before? What did you find difficult or easy about it?




3 thoughts on “#Iamwhole30!

  1. Yay! So proud of you. I am just two days away to finish one round of whole 30 and I feel amazing now. I didn’t know that I could love weeks without chocolate or anything sweet! Cheers to us! 😉


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