Non-Elaborate Valentine’s Day Plans for the Whole

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is one of those ‘holidays’ that people find pretty contentious.  Some people complain it is too ‘commercial’, that it was invented by greeting card companies, etc.  In my opinion,  I think it is important, especially these days, to show people you care by going a little bit out of your way to spread kindness.

My husband and I have never been ones to go all out and celebrate in a big way, but we have always taken the time to do something a little big special for one another.  In the past we have done dinners out or cooked something special together at home, seen movies and went out on other special dates.

This year with two kids and my doing Whole 30, there will be no special ‘treats’ and no going out, however, I am still going to cook a nice dinner and give my husband and kids a little something special.

Something my husband and I have learned to embrace since having two kids is what I like to call ‘DIY date nights”.  After the kids go to bed we will have our own dinner, or even just watch a movie or a couple episodes of whatever show we are watching while enjoying a Mug cake.  (Find the best ever recipe here)

Some other ideas for enjoying Valentine’s Day and not breaking the bank or raising expectations for next year..

Enjoy an outdoor/seasonal activity together. We have lots of snow here and it is very cold.  Yesterday as a family we went skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.  It was a perfect opportunity to embrace the weather and enjoy doing something a little bit different together.  You could try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  Maybe try a picnic outside if you live somewhere warm or an outdoor movie projected at home.

Bake a special Dessert. Kids in the kitchen can sometimes be a crazy nightmare.  I like baking with my daughter and she LOVES helping but it can get a little overwhelming. I try to stick to simple, non-labour-intensive recipes (like premade cookie dough or mixes) so that the hard/messy steps are already taken care of and the results are kind of easy to anticipate.

Family Movie Night with Special Snacks. There are a lot of kid’s movies out there that have a lot of value added for parents.  Pop in a family-favourite or a new movie and snuggle up together.  Adding some smarties or other little chocolatey treat to popcorn is a delicious and fun way to tie in the Valentine’s Day theme.

Read Valentine’s Books Before Bed. Tonight before bed, I plan to read some books from our Valentine’s- themed Book Basket. Some of our favourites have been Where is Baby’s Valentine?, Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George, The Giving Tree and Babylit’s Romeo and Juliet. 

-Take time to do small acts of kindness for one another. This is so simple and should not be limited to Valentine’s Day.  If you husband always takes out the garbage and you notice it is time again for it to be taken out, do it for him, or have your children help you and explain how it is kind to do this for daddy.  If your children are artistic or enjoy coats or colouring, have them make a Valentine’s card or picture for one another and explain how making things for other people is kind.


What are your Valentine’s Plans? Do you go all out or prefer a more simple approach?



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