January: Looking Back

How is it the last day of January already!? This month just whizzed by!  All in all I am really happy to report that January proved to be a great month, filled with family, relaxing, getting back into regular routines, hustling and planning.  All of my favourite things, really.


How I did with my monthly goals:

The 3 goals I set for myself this January were…

  1. Read 3 books.
  2. Get the new semester off to a good start
  3. Go tech-free for a weekend

I am proud to say that I was able to read 3 books.  I read Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, The Wonder by Emma Donoghue and Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson.

I did get the semester off to a great start! I have mapped out my due dates, how much time each assignment will take and scheduled time with my husband when I might need to work outside of my usual times (Tuesdays, Thursdays and nap times).

I did not go tech-free for a weekend.  I actually meant to do it this weekend and completely forgot until mid-way through Saturday.  Talk about a hard goal.  I will try again another month!

Other things that were great: 

Right after the new year my family went on a nice trip to Mont Tremblant for a few days. It was pretty hectic most of the time, but my husband and I are committed to traveling with our kids and doing things so they get used to traveling and we can make family memories.

I had a nice coffee date with my cousin and his wife and adorable baby. I always love getting together with these friends and his wife and I have so much in common.  They are photographers and while baby was napping she took some photos for my blog (thanks Amy!)

As a family we have been able to go public skating a few times. My daughter asked for skates for Christmas so since then we have been teaching her how to skate and spending Friday nights at the rink!

Looking ahead to February:

February is the month of love right? Valentines day is on the horizon and I look forward to everything pink and red and hearts! My husband and I don’t normally do much but the sentiment of the occasion is nice.

For the month of February, I have set 3 more goals for the month:

  1. Purge and toss or donate.  I love doing this. I feel so overwhelmed when my living space is cluttered and not tidy.  I love purging and clearing out our space.  I have made a list of what rooms and areas of the house need particular attention and I can’t wait to clean them all out!
  2. Do Whole 30..all month! I started doing the Whole 30 yesterday and really hope that my willpower and determination will let me get to the finish line without any slip-ups!
  3. Finish reading The Nightingale. My husband got me this book for Christmas and it is the only Christmas present I have not yet read..and the length is a bit daunting.  Instead of setting a number of books I want to finish this month, I want to get through this one.  It is amazing so far and I have heard nothing but rave-reviews!

What was the best part of your January?  What are your goals looking ahead to next month? za5_1667


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