Planner Review

Do you consider yourself a Type-A, organized person like I consider myself?  I have been known to have lots of to-do lists, goals, plans and calendars on the go.  It is something my husband teases me about incessantly- but you know what.. I get shi!t done!  One thing that makes a huge difference in my ability to track goals, to-dos, plans, etc. is my planner.  I have tried different planners over the years and this year I am breaking away from the one I used for the past 4 years and am trying the Happy Planner. I was able to score one for half price at Michael’s way back in August and was holding onto in until January 1st.


I am actually really loving this planner for so many reasons.  I really like having a vertical layout that is subdivided into sections so I can plan important events, to dos and my coursework all using one planner.  This planner has pretty wide columns which I love so I don’t have to write super small.



I also really like that it has a special binding and hole-punch system that allows you to actually remove and replace joke! Watch a video exploring the planner here!  I also really like how pretty it is.  There were many designs to choose from and I chose this floral design.  Each month has laminated tabs and a divider that has a quote or design on it.  The pages are really thick card stock. I use sharpie pens so it is important that the pages are thick enough that the ink doesn’t run through.


The beginning of each month also has a double page monthly calendar as well as a page of ‘Currently’s and goals, important dates, etc. for that month. I like being able to reference my goals and check them off as I accomplish them.  I also use this page to keep track of what I have read that month.


So far I find this planner to be really great.  I love the size, it seems really durable.  It is really pretty and fits all of my current planner needs

What planner do you use?  Do you use multiple planners for different areas of your life?  Do you use a different system all together?  I’d love to hear about it!


*Disclaimer: this post is not in any way funded by My Happy Planner. All of the thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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