It has been pretty cold and miserable lately here in our small-town.  We are currently having our second consecutive snow day and I am running out of ways to entertain my toddler indoors.. there has been lots of painting, playdoh, baking, bubble baths, bicycling in the basement and Beauty and the Beast on repeat (and repeat and repeat and repeat…). All of this time indoors and cozy has lent perfectly to some reading, time for school work and even working on my editorial I guess I can’t complain much! I haven’t done a Currently since November so I am excited to share what the New Year has brought with it!

Currently I am: 

Loving the newness of this new year. I am sure I have said it before but I love the opportunity of a ‘fresh start’. Sometimes those fresh starts are real like a new calendar year, a new school semester, a change in routine, etc. but I also don’t mind making a ‘false-fresh start’ for myself.. which is more a shift in mindset, but can make such a big difference!

Listening to Matrimoney Podcast and I highly suggest it.  Kelsey is also a host on The Girl Next Door Podcast but for this one she hosts along side her husband.  Together they take the stigma off of personal finances and share lots of great tips for saving your money, budgeting, getting out of debt, etc. but is super fun and funny to listen to! This is in pursuit of my goal to make a budget this year!

Reading lots! So far this month I have already finished 2 books in hopes of reaching my goal this year of reading 18 or more books. I have read Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham and The Wonder by Emma Donoghue.  I am currently flipping between two books- Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson and The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

Anticipating Valentines day! I know, I know- it’s only mid-January.  Do you find that with all the hype and busyness that is Christmas, January as a whole is just a really long, cold and kind of boring month? I am trying to find ways that are very low-key to start celebrating Valentine’s day in our home.. I am thinking some special treats and simple red and pink decor around the house!

Dreading going to bed at night. Sleep has been somewhat elusive at our house since the chaos that was flexible schedules and a moving bedtime.  Little man’s naps have been hit and miss lately and that leads to pretty crummy nighttime sleeping.  He might go 9 hours at night..he might go 5… and this has all been compacted by my finding that babies by 7 months should be sleeping 11-12 hours per night.. boo!

Eating and Drinking cozy comfort foods and fun cocktails.  The weather has been a little damp and cold lately and we have been eating mac and cheese, soups and stews.  With some left over alcohol and mixes from Christmas we have been experimenting with different kinds of cocktails.  Two of my favourites lately are a Moscow Mule (husband approved) and Frose! (Recipes to come soon!)

Planning (and also sort of dreading) a round Whole 30.  I am doing it with a friend who is an old pro and she has already done a lot of legwork in making grocery lists but I am nervous about it.  I am looking forward to finding interesting ways to incorporate the approved foods into meals my whole family can eat…but I know I will miss all those comfort foods and cocktails we have been enjoying!

Finishing packing up all of our Christmas decorations and evidence of the holidays.  Trying to find a place for all of our new things and rearranging what we already had can be pretty crazy.  I am looking forward to getting our house back just how I like it really soon!

Searching for a good daytime moisturizer with SPF and a moisturizer to use before bed.  Any suggestions? Also- I see a theme here..last time it was lipstick.

What are you up to currently?


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