Leading Ladies- Interview #1

Hello! I am really excited about today’s post. I had an idea back in the middle of December to start a series where I interview ladies who are killing it at their creative jobs or who are pursuing a life that they love and have made for themselves.

I have ladies lined up for each month this year who come from all different fields and are doing work they love.

My first interview is with one of my closest friends and very talented photographer, Amy.  Here is what Amy had to say when I asked her about various aspects of her work, daily routine and the future of her business…


Hi! I’m Amy, full time photographer and part time blogger currently living in Ottawa with my sports-photographer husband and our super adorable son.

I’ve been doing photography for about 6 years now and am still in love with it!

I started my blog, The Lovely Things, a few years ago as a non-photography creative outlet for me. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved making beautiful images for that too! Let’s just say I don’t go long without taking a photo of some kind..

Q: How would you best describe what you do?

A:Photography! I’ve come to describe my style as commercial/lifestyle… I love photographing people doing what they love to do in their environment. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and girl-bosses are my jam.

I also run the lifestyle blog, The Lovely Things, as a passion project/creative outlet.

Q: Describe the path that led you to your current work.

A: The short story? I got a job at a photo studio in my 20’s, realized that you could actually make a living doing photography, went to school for it, and have been in the industry ever since!

The long version involves 5 cities, Craigslist, Anne of Green Gables, hanging out with penguins, falling in love (not with the penguins… although they were pretty cute), and meeting some pretty important people. But that’s a story for another time 😉

Q: On average, how much time would you say that you work each week?

A: That depends on what you think of as “work”. I usually have about 2-3 shoots a week that can range from an hour long to a whole day.

But when I’m not on a shoot there is always something else to do! Editing, emails, the behind the scenes accounting and marketing that self-employed people do themselves..

And when that’s caught up and I have some free time I try and get some blog posts written and photographed. I used to post twice a week, but since having my baby this fall I haven’t been nearly as consistent. I’m hoping to change that soon though!

Q:What are some important skills that you have that make you well-suited to your work?

A: Most people probably assume that to be a photographer you just need to be “artsy” (a word I’ve come to not like very much or really identify with if I’m being honest!). But to make a living at it you also need to be organized and extremely self-driven. I’m lucky enough to enjoy being organized and getting things done on my own so that definitely helps with my business.

Q: What excites you most about your work?

A: When I make a photo, or photos, that I absolutely love! And when my clients are just as excited about them as I am.

QWhat ‘Big Things’ are on your horizon?

A: Every year my business evolves a bit more into what I want it to be, and every year I work towards that goal in a new way. I would love to solely shoot what I described in the first question and not have to do the “doing because it pays the bills” jobs that fill in the rest of it.

Q: In what ways does your work challenge you?

A: I like planning and knowing exactly what to expect, but every shoot I do is in a new location, with different people doing different things, so it keeps me on my toes! But part of being a photographer is making all situations work and still getting great images – no matter what.


Q: What inspires you to keep going on the hard days?

The thought of going back to a 9-5 office job! Ha! But really when things are tough I’m still so grateful for the career and life I’ve chosen that the thought of having to give it all up makes me work harder to keep it.

Q: What aspect of your work takes the most time?

That’s a hard one. Probably all the “paper” work that has to be done as unglamorous as that sounds. Quotes, invoicing, accounting… taxes (ugh). It’s all really time consuming, but a necessity of running your own business.

Thanks so much Amy for taking the time to share all this awesome information with us! I am really excited to see what the next year (and beyond!) has in store for you and your business.  Please check out Amy’s amazing blog and business website!



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