Reflecting on 2016..

Hello! Hope you aren’t completely wiped out from all the Christmas-ing this past week and are enjoying some downtime/recuperating/whateveritisyouneed. We had a very busy Christmas season with five Christmases in four days.  By last night I found myself really craving some downtime, routine and even monotony.  So what a perfect time to look back on 2016 and reflect.

Many internet memes will be quick to tell you how horrible this past year was.  I think it all started with that gorilla but with a slew of celebrity guests, a stressful American election and the likes.. has lots of people just needing to come up for air.  But was it really that bad for me?


I don’t want to sugar coat things, the second part of this year was actually quite a whirlwind and even my ever-optimistic personality has trouble at times as seeing it all as rainbows and unicorns.

Some highlights of this past year include:

-Adding to and completing our family in June with the birth of our baby boy.

-Joining a Book Club

-Reading 16 (hopefully 17 by the end of this week) books

-Potty Training our oldest daughter

-Adding another finished bedroom to our home to make room for baby boy

-Starting this blog after much debate (even though I am not regular at posting)

-Big girl starting Preschool

-Continuing my Master’s Courses

-Making great working friendships at my last job

-First spring at my family’s sugar shack

-First summer at the lake with our new trailer

-Landing a permanent teaching position for after my maternity leave

Setbacks of the past year:

-Baby boy’s 4 day stay in the hospital after contracting a virus at 16 days old

-My diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few weeks postpartum and the struggles that still presents me with daily. (but getting the hang of this thing!)

-Potty Training (even though it finally worked’s hard!)

-Our dear babysitter/ daycare provider moved away in July

The way I see long as the positives outweigh the negatives (Which clearly here they do), I will chalk 2016 up to an ok year.

Things that worked in 2016. I made some changes in 2016 (more than just in terms of family members) and think that these changes have led to an overall positive outlook on my life and contribute to a feeling of balance in my life.  I started reading.. like really reading and making it a priority for myself.  I am a person who always has a book on the go, but this year I decided to keep track of what I was reading and to really try to read often.  I also instituted the practices of setting monthly goals and working towards them.  I did not set new years goals or resolutions last December/January but instead did this each month. I really like the practice of always working towards something, though this year I will be setting some yearly goals as well as the monthly.  I also really enjoy reflecting on what is working, what isn’t, where I want to go and how I am doing about 4 times per year (seasonally).  I wish yo keep this up as it allows me to have a clear picture of my life and I think it reminds me of all that I am doing well.

Things that made me really excited this year: camping at our permanent trailer. Maple syrup. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Reading. Christmas. Fall. My schooling. My job. New Friendships. Book Club. My children. A fulfilling marriage. Red wine.

I look forward to what 2017 has in store for me and because I am so reflective, even 2016 has taught me to look at things with a positive spin!

How was your 2016? What are some highlights?


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