It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas- Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Kids

With the countdown to Christmas getting smaller and smaller.. Those last few people on your gift list might become more and more stressful to buy for.  I always find kids hard to buy for for a couple of reasons including the fact that kids (and let’s face it, their parents) don’t need a ton of things causing clutter, are usually pretty well taken care of and clothes are not really a fun gift to get.  I have gathered a couple ideas for the children in your life!

  1. Craft Supplies. I am a big believer in activating a child’s creativity and arts and crafts are a great way to do this.  This can be a bit hard because for a lot of kids crafts= a big mess and the clean up can have parents cursing your name or tucking your gift at the back of the closet to never be seen again.  I have recently discovered the wide variety in the Crayola Colour Wonder collection.  These products are your typical markers, paints, etc. but they only work on the special paper, creating mess free art opportunities.  The special paper comes in plain white or as colouring pages with fun pictures (and favourite chapters!) for endless options.  I found the finger pains when my daughter was around 18 months old and it held up to its name being mess-free.  This year she will be getting the markers and fun colouring sheets with Minnie Mouse and Princess Sofia as well as the plain paper for her own creations!
  2.  Kinetic Sand. If you haven’t seen this amazing stuff before think mix between Sand and Playdoh. It looks and feels like sand but stays together like Playdoh.. but comes in lots of fun colours. You can build castles, make snowmen and enjoy hours of fun digging with shovels and rakes.
  3. Drool Bibs.  For any baby who can’t stop drooling, these cute bandana-style bibs are a must to save clothing and make a fashion statement.! My son will be getting some of these because he soaks through his clothes in a matter of minutes.. no teeth on the way, he is just a big-time drooler!
  4. Little Passports Subscription.  As you know, I am a big fan of subscription boxes that are delivered in the mail, because they offer the excited of gift-receiving over and over again.  Little Passports is great for kids to learn about other countries around the work and offers a new theme each month.  Various subscription options are available and now the kit options are multiplying!
  5. Trips or experiences. Another one of my favourite gift ideas that does not take up space on the living room floor.  Think about local options and get kids movie or play tickets, passes to an aquarium, local swimming pool, skating rink or cooking class.  The options vary depending what is available in your area, but coming from a small rural area I know that there is something out there for the kids in your life! Think local and be creative!
  6. Dress up Clothes.  This can be done quite cheaply and have a big impact.  Grab a bin or box and start searching Winners, Toy stores, thrift shops or your own closet for fun clothes and costumes to fill the dress up box.  Don’t forget accessories like hats, crowns, necklaces, masks and wigs! This can be as extravagant as you’d like or be a great basic start to build on!

Hopefully this has helped to get the wheels spinning and get you thinking about fun, unique gift ideas for the kids in your life. Since kids find this time of year so magical, whatever you get them should be a huge hit! Again, think about your local area, local vendors and makers for unique ideas..we live in the middle of nowhere but a short drive can get us to enough activities so I am sure once you get thinking carefully you can find a local gift idea too!

What did I miss out? Do you have a go-to gift for the kids you know? Please feel free to share it with me in the comments!


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