It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Christmas Gift Guide Part 1: For Him

Hello! Seems to be something about this time of month that draws me back to this lonely, little blog to write a post.  Truth is I have had so many post ideas lately and when it has come time to write them I have been completely lacking in the motivation.. might have something to do with tiredness or the desire to pursue other things I love..but let’s face it..I haven’t been showing up here..sorry!


So I thought that I would do a round up of gift ideas for your loved ones.  I am starting with the one I struggle with the most- men.. I always have the hardest time buying for my husband and my father.. so here are a few ideas that you should look into!

  1. A Beer of the Month Subscription.  These are kind of trendy lately and can open the door to a while new world for some Budweiser- only guys in your life.  These can vary in price and from area-to-area. With the popularity of craft and micro breweries increasing, there is a good chance that you will discover a new favourite beer that you never even heard of! Plus, depending on the subscription, it is truly a gift that keeps on giving because it comes repeatedly and with new surprises! For Canadians, check out this package!  This can also work for different interests like cheese, wine, coffee!
  2. Comfy Pyjama pants or lounge clothes. This is something that most guys won’t buy for themselves.. Get the men in your life new pyjama pants or sweats to wear in their down time.  For your husband or boyfriend you can even turn it into a theme gift and add some DVDs and cozy movie-style foods.
  3. A Massage. Yep, you read that right. This is something my husband would NEVER buy for himself or seek out but he works super hard and often comes home tired and sore.  A massage is a great gift to spoil your guy but also show you care and to take care of him.  This is a good gift for different price points and comfort levels and you can get him a 30-min massage to start and if he doesn’t enjoy it it wasn’t too expensive for you and wasn’t a big waste of time for him- but trust me..he won’t be wasting his time!
  4. A Night Out with the Guys. This one will win you serious points.  An activity like Paintball or a trip to a casino is the perfect guys night out.  Chances are your guy and his friends are like all other busy adults these days and time together is sporadic and rushed.  Time for them to spend some time together having fun is likely just what the doctor ordered.  Make it a theme if you want to splurge and get a hotel and some drinks.
  5. Subscription to a magazine. Again with the subscription trend..consider getting the men in your life  a subscription to a magazine that works with their interests.  The possibilities here really are endless- outdoor magazines for men who like camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Fitness magazines for men who like working out, eating healthy and living meaningfully. Tech magazines for the nerdy or gadget-loving guy. Sports magazines for…the guy who likes sports.. You get it.
  6. A Novel or Book. Again this is a gift that can mean different things to different types of men.  This year for Christmas I stocked my husband’s bookshelf (shhh! Don’t tell him) by getting him all of the books he has been meaning to read but never puts in the effort to seek them out. Normally a John Grisham fan, my husband has wanted to read the classic novels that he never ended up being assigned in high school.  The search for these was quite fun, leading me to boutique and vintage used book stores and to cave on a couple titles and buy them new from Chapters or Amazon. Maybe the men in your life have certain interests (see above) or is a lover of thrillers or graphic novels or hilarious autobiographies and memoirs.  A little research here can go a long way and is quite a personal gift!
  7. Sports tickets.  If you are lucky enough to have a local sports team (big or small-time) a set of tickets to a game could be really fun.  Whether its semi-professional hockey, CFL or soccer.. or something else entirely, this is a great way to have some fun (and usually cheap tickets can be found) while rooting on your home team! Again, you can add to this gift by enjoying dinner or lunch out before or after the game, having a drink or snack there and perhaps even by adding in a jersey! This can also work with concert tickets or tickets to a comedy  club, race, etc. depending what’s in your area.

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