I find fall to be quite the time for transition- both literally in the changing of the seasons and in back to school, back to routine, etc and figuratively.  I always get so gung-ho in late August/early September, with all the things I want to do, all the goals I have, all the changes I want to make and do a pretty great job crossing off all these things from my to-do list..and then I loose steam. I always loose steam.  I find come Halloween I doing the motions but the enthusiasm is gone.

I am also someone to go from Halloween October 31 to Christmas November 1…and I find that excitement for Christmas (especially having children) offers me a renewed enthusiasm and purpose. I get excited about Christmas baking and AB’s December 19th birthday and Christmas shopping and New Year’s goals…. and the list goes on.

I thought today I would share what I am currently loving, doing, looking forward to and dreading..

Currently I am: 

Loving the extended warm weather we are having. yesterday was + 17 and Baby Brudder and I enjoyed a nice long walk in the sunshine. I could live somewhere without winter and never miss it, I really could.

Listening to the Girl Next Door Podcast. I found these amazing ladies when listening to a different podcast. I thought I would give them a listen and have been binge-listening to their 70-some episodes ever since.  If you read this post, you know that I really like podcasts and a always looking for a new one to listen to while I drive, fold laundry, walk and cook dinner. If you’re looking for your two new best friends (who are real-life neighbours) I highly suggest you check these girls out!

Reading I am always reading something. I know that I should try to support my local library- but it is tiny and doesn’t usually have what I want to read.  I am a steadfast buyer of books. I like holding them, taking as long as I want to buy them and then lending them to friends to enjoy when I’m finished.  I am currently reading Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam.  I’m liking it so far and am nearly finished.  Next up is Dark Matter and Before the Fall..really looking forward to these ones! Question- what do you do with books after you have read them and don’t plan to read them again?

Anticipating The Re-boot of Gilmore Girls and watching it with my mom and sister, just like we did every Wednesday growing up!

Dreading The arrival of all things cold, snowy and icy.  Winter coats, scraping cars, dark at 4:30, slippery roads, etc.etc.etc.. essentially winter.

Drinking Caramel lattes.  Lots of them.

Planning- AB’s third birthday party.. I am still waiting for her to decide what theme she wants..she has suggested “Old MacDonald” (I think farm?) , Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse (this was her theme last year) and most recently Paw we will see what she settles on.

Finishing this semester of my Master’s.  After this semester I have 4 classes left, 3 of them are my specialization and I cannot wait to dive into that and learn about what I am most passionate (curriculum).

Searching for the perfect lipstick. I always find I look like an old lady when I put lipstick on but love other people in it. I am trying to find a few different shades that I love that I can wear regularly.. It’s quite the challenge.

What are you up to currently?


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