Little Ramblings..

Hey blog! So it is November here now..Fall seems like it has come and gone- the leaves are mostly changed and the trees are getting bare.  Mornings are frosty and we can see our breath when we leave for preschool and we are wearing hats and coats and rubber boots..but then we will have a random day where it is hot and sunny and late-August-like again..So crazy!

I have been working away at my fall semester courses and only have a couple short weeks left before I am off until after the new year. It’s crazy how quick but full and busy the semesters are. It has really taken front and centre along with my mom duties and health stuff and then I look back and see I haven’t blogged in ages.

I really miss blogging when I don’t do it consistently. I feel like I have a little part in me that needs just a few minutes each day of writing and then it is satisfied- otherwise things are off kilter. I spend lots of time, especially while driving or swimming or laying in bed at night, thinking of blog posts that I will write ‘one day’ and get really excited about it but then life happens and I never get the time I’d like to make these wonderful, beautiful posts and then instead I do nothing…that is the opposite of fulfilling that is for sure.

I am a perfectionist.  I spend a lot of time thinking about things- things I should do, how I should do them, where I should do them, better ways to do them… and then when it comes down to it I overwhelm myself so completely that I.Do.Nothing… And then I spend time worrying about that too.

I have decided that when it comes to things that have been consuming me- like picking the kids Halloween costumes, or inviting people over to catch up, or writing a blog post..I need to stop worrying about making it the best ever, or the most creative, the most pinterest-worthy, the most this or that.. and just do it.. because getting things done is a hundred times more satisfying than worrying about it, getting overwhelmed and then not doing it at all in the end…

This is certainly something I will have to work on but I think it’s a good place to start and something I can apply to many areas of my life- personal, family, work and blogging. I think it can make things more fun, stress-free (or less stressful anyways) and might do wonders for my relationships too- I don’t have to have 5 new Pinterest recipes and 100 handmade decorations to invite friends over for a quick catch-up dinner..Pizza from the store down the road will work just fine!



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