Fall Bucket List.

Fall. I have always loved fall. Before fall became something ‘basic’ and stereotypical to like..I liked fall. I have always loved going back to school. So much so that I became a teacher and am still in school doing my Master’s degree.  I have always loved layering up my clothing, rubber boot, cool mornings and the promise that comes with the new season.  Fall to me has always marked a fresh start with the school year, a new routine and a chance to ‘check myself’ and make sure I am on track to finish anything I set out to do, waaaay back in January. It also marks lots of fun activities like our local fall fair (starts today!), halloween hayrides and apple picking.

Since I love making lists, I thought I better write down all the things I want to do for fall so that I can start checking them off.  Here is my Fall 2016 Bucket List! (background image and lots of other beautiful fall pictures can be found here.)




How do you plan to spend your fall? What do you do to make fall special? Think fall is overrated?


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