Homemade Mocha Frap Knockoff That Doesn’t Suck

As mentioned in previous posts, I love (need) coffee but don’t really like just drinking straight coffee.. I need syrups, fancy titles, creamers, etc.. don’t hate me.

I am still trying to hold on to any remnants of summer before jumping into an oversized sweater and scarf and swapping all the things for their Pumpkin Spice version, so this copycat Mocha Frap is a nice balance of getting that caffeine fix and still feeling summer-y! I found this recipe on Pinterest last spring for a knockoff Starbuck’s Mocha Frappuccino and though I was wary, tried it out and fell in love.  It is not hard to make, does not require any specialty ingredient and tastes pretty darn good.



Check out this recipe and other copycats here.  You will be amazed! The tutorials are step by step and the results are delicious!


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