AB Goes to Preschool…

I am completely dying of cuteness overload lately, as we are getting our 2.5 year old ready to start preschool on Tuesday! AB has been going to an in-home daycare since she was just a year old, 5 days a week.  Her care provider was amazing and loving and..moved away at the end of June (insert all the emotions here).  Looking for an alternative, even though I will be on maternity leave until June, was incredible overwhelming, defeating, scary and stressful (again, insert all the remaining emotions here..) So when we found a local Christian School Pre-kindergarten program that seemed to fit our needs we jumped at the opportunity and signed AB up for 2 days per week.

Well, those 2 days per week start next week.  I have been busy preparing her ‘school supplies’ and pinning lunch ideas and meeting her teacher and buying her uniform polos (that is all kinds of cute) and generally getting her set to go.

Here is a quick round up of the ‘must haves’ I am sending to ‘school’ with AB:


Skip Hop Hedgehog backpack and lunch bag This this is so cute.  We had the backpack before and recently bought the matching lunch bag. The backpack has held up for over a year so the quality is awesome and it is so adorable.


EZ Freeze Collapsable Bento Box I love Bento boxes! I have some that I use myself. I love that this one I got AB, in purple, expands to accommodate what you pack in the bottom, has a section that acts as an icepack and snaps all together to be one piece.  I am looking forward to packing this with yummy lunches for her – at least for the month of September!


Frozen Thermos In case we ever need to keep things hot or cold.. I grabbed this frozen Thermos.  I know that AB will also be getting a matching water bottle.


Clothes from Carter’s/ Oshkosh Even though the school has a uniform for the students, AB needed some fall clothes and I love buying her Carters/Oshkosh because I know it’s going to fit her properly and last! And hello! They recently continued their sets up to size 8 so I had to grab this cute cat(?) set.  And I scored a ton of $6 tops and leggings an got free shipping!


Mabel’s Labels I debated whether I was going to go so far as to label everything and then decided that spending money on these labels (which I have heard great things about) would be worth replacing things that might go missing…so I splurged on the Starter Label Pack.  AB and I sat down and the computer and she got to ‘create’ her labels.  I will likely review these again in the future..I hope they will be worth the money.

Here is a picture of the school items piling up on our counter- all the heart eyes! Check out her little shoes!

back to school AB.jpg



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