26 for 26.. A Recap

This past weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday.  I have always made a pretty big deal about my birthday. I love celebrating every second of the whole day.  I am not a person who necessarily enjoys all the attention on them, but when it is my birthday I love it!
Last year I read The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau and was incredibly inspired to start my own type of quest, or bucket list, or project…something. Something to work through and reflect on as I went.  This led me to create a bucket list of 26 things to do over the next 12 months.


Find image here

Well.. looking back on this list I did not do too well for myself. One major reason this list didn’t get checked off as my Type-A self would have liked was that I got pregnant, a big unexpectedly, just a few weeks later.  Things like going outdoor skating, looking 10 lbs, bubble baths with wine..those things get put on the back burner when you find out you’re expecting.

Blaming the baby aside (and I did end up loosing 10 lbs, technically once I delivered him..) I got very excited for this list.. and then lost momentum and failed. And looking back on the list I made has me a bit confused because these are things that are still important or interesting to me- like donating to a new charity, keeping up my journal, participating in a month-long challenge , unplugging from technology for a whole weekend and building a snowman with my daughter.

So I am going to think again about this list and add some different things and vow here, with you as my witness (is anyone actually reading this thing by the way?) to commit to 27 for 27..the new and improved!

And last year’s list wasn’t a total bust.. I read 10 new books. I re-read an old one. I got my cavities filled. I baked bread. I lost 10 lbs (and then some!!) after my son was born. I made soup. I donated (clothes) to a new charity. I did a craft (and then some!). I hosted a dinner party on New Year’s. I got involved at work. I printed pictures. I went to the movies. And by starting this blog, I shared something I’ve written.  By my count that is the successful completion of 13 items on the list..so half!

Things that I still want to keep for this year include: unplugging for a weekend, skating on the Rideau Canal, doing a month long challenge, buying a lottery ticket, finding a new date place to take my husband, going a week without spending any money, keeping a personal journal, having a bubble bath with wine and building that elusive snowman!

Keep checking back to see how I am doing! I hope this year will be filled with a renewed sense of purpose and I will be able to check those things off like the Type-A person I am loves to do!


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