Oh hey blog..

So I just received an email informing me that it has been over 2 months since I even looked at this little corner of the internet..

I would say I feel bad about this but I can’t because these past two months have seen a lot of chaos.. I had a baby…baby got sick (not in any serious way..but we had to stay in the hospital for 4 days)..I got sick (in a more serious way..) and have been nearly out of commission for a month. Things are starting to look up for me, thanks to lots of medication and doctors and significant help from family and friends.. guys, I couldn’t even walk by myself.

So yeah, I missed blogging and each time I went to get momentum again.. planned posts, thought about photos, brainstormed some ideas.. we were hit with a roadblock. And you know what? That’s just how life is. And I don’t think my blog hates me for it..it’s still here after all!

I am really hoping as fall comes (it’s not here yet and I am not rushing it, trust me) and we get into a new routine I will find the time I need and want to make this little blog something more.


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