10 things about me.

So, I am 6 blog posts in now.  Seems like a good time for some sharing of the personal details. Here it goes.

photo about me

1. I live in the country and love it! I could not imagine living in the city for a prolonged amount of time. I find I am fascinated with the city and go through phases where I see the convenience of it all and would love to find little hotspots and stuff.. but then at the end of the day I am always happy to come home to complete quiet, stare at the clear night sky and know everyone I see who drives by.

2. My husband and I have been together for 8 years now and have been married for 5.  This means we were married at 21. I planned our wedding during our 4th year of university and we were married about 3 weeks after classes ended.. and about a month before we officially graduated. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you know, you know.

3. This is my second kick at the old blogging can. I had a blog that did surprisingly well in 2011-2013.  Things got a little too busy once I graduated from Teacher’s College and I found I wasn’t keeping up with my blog. I had a decent following then and really enjoyed the connections I made with other bloggers (some who I still talk to today) but made the difficult decision to actually close down my site.  I regretted this ever since so here I am, starting from scratch all over again.  And it is much harder this time.

4. I love coffee. But I don’t. I generally have a latte each morning (either homemade or from Starbucks) but I don’t think I could handle an actual, pure cup of coffee still.  Does this make sense? Still, that first sip of the day is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

5. I am always going to be a student.  I graduated from 4 years of university and entered right into a year of Teacher’s College.  A month after finishing Teacher’s College I started updating my qualifications through online courses. I have now done 4 of those.  Last summer I (my husband) decided it was time to stop saying “one day I will do my Master’s Degree” and I started actually doing it.  I am currently 4/10 of the way there and I love it! I love learning. I read a lot. I listen  to a lot of podcasts about things I don’t know about. I don’t think this will ever be anything I outgrow.

6. My sister is my best friend.  Is this lame? She is 3 years younger than I am and we did not get along growing up but as soon as we stopped living under the same roof (and in the same room) poof! instant bestie! She is the best aunt to my kids and always up to do things with us.  I found as life went on, friends from areas of life stopped being so reliable but my sister was always there. Thanks sis!

7. I love routine. And I love being spontaneous. And the two are hard to balance. I often find myself fighting to plan and organize and find a good balance of everything in my life and once I reach a good phase, I feel myself craving a little adventure or something out of the ordinary.  This is tough because they don’t exactly work in favour of each other.  This leads me to pursing various activities or phases for short periods before reverting back to the things I have always done.

8. I am only 4’11. (But think I have a lot of personality to make up for my shortcomings !)

9. As mentioned in my previous post, I read a little bit everyday. My husband jokes a) that I read every book twice (one page and part of another..and then I fall asleep and re-read that portion and a little more the next night) and b) that I read for approximately 7 minutes each night before falling asleep. Still, I get through books and find I don’t sleep well if I am left alone with my own thoughts before falling asleep.

10.  I love a good sunny, summer day. I pretty much count down the days from October 1 until May 1, praying for the heat to come early and stay late each year.  I love being outside, I love sitting in the sun and I love everything about summer.  I also love a good summer storm.  I feel like I get way more done as soon as the days get longer and when hibernation-mode wears off I am ready for everything summer entails.


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