Baby Gear I Love..

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aka what I will be using this time around that I loved last time.

This is not a sponsored post. All ideas are my own.

When we had our daughter, I went all out when it came to the goods. I researched all the best of everything on Pinterest. I spent time finding the cutest little etsy boutiques for hairbows and receiving blankets.  I had gift certificates from my showers long spent before AB even arrived…and there were lots of things that I sold with tags on when she was just a few months old because we never used them.

I feel like I have a better idea of the things I need for baby boy and the things I want..and a really good idea of the things I certainly will skip.  I don’t consider myself a minimalist, but I really don’t like clutter and with babies comes lots of stuff and clutter.  Knowing what I will need and want makes it easier for me to maintain my sanity- especially now that the precious ‘space’ realty is our home is already filled with rocking horses, Megablocks, puzzles and a play kitchen.

1. Swing that plugs into the wall.

swing_luvzoo_2We got this swing second-hand from family for AB.  It can run on batteries (which do not last too long.. and with baby it’s never convenient to have a swing with dead batteries) and also plugs into the wall.  The seat swings side-to-side or front-to-back which is great because babies can be fickle.  It also plays classical music (not annoying which is such a bonus) and the seat cover comes off easy and can be thrown in the wash.  This model isn’t sold anymore, but Fisher Price sells many similar models.



2. Vibrating Chair    


While many mom friends of mine have expressed general indifference to this chair, I found it to be a great asset.  The chair can vibrate (or not) and is just another place to put baby when you want to put them down.  I imagine with a 2 and a half year old in the house I won’t want to put baby boy on the floor for very long (for risk of him being snuggled too hard or played on top of) so this, I imagine, will be very useful again.


3. Avent Classic Bottles

aventI am a pro-formula mom. I am not anti- breastfeeding, I am just pro- feedyourkidsotheydontstarve.  For my daughter I received these bottles as a shower gift and was lucky enough that my daughter took them no problem and I didn’t have to play trial-and-error with bottles. I wanted to use their ‘natural’ line, and had a free sample or two sent to me from some trial packs but my daughter didn’t like those.  These bottles are lots of pieces to wash (and sterilize) but I found they have held up very well. They are average price and come in 4 or 8 oz sizes and also pink and blue.


4. Medela Quick Clean Sterilization Bags  

medelaThese bags are serious miracles.  Before I had AB I didn’t even look into sterilizing bottles so when it came time to actually do it I was overwhelmed by the entire process, how many ways it can be done and the care needed to do it right. That’s where these little gems came in. I loaded them up and sealed them, added a couple oz of water and turned on the microwave according to the specifications on the package and voila.  After a few minutes in the microwave the parts came out sterilized and just had to cool enough to touch before I reassembled everything and started the whole process over again.  The Hallelujah choir was singing the day we found these! They are useful for breast pump parts and soothers as well!


5. Bassinet

We were given a bassinet for AB so I don’t have any details on the one we use. It’s nothing special- had some storage underneath, was in good shape, etc.  AB went right into the bassinet the first night home and stayed in it for 3 months, then we moved her to the nursery and her crib.  I liked that she could have her own space to sleep and she never had any trouble adjusting because that was always how we did it.  It didn’t take much space in the corner of our room and we could wheel it around if we wanted her to sleep elsewhere.  I suggest a bassinet for sure!

6. NUK Gumdrop soothers

TM001-6-500x500I had no idea that all soothers are not created equal until we couldn’t get my daughter to take one. A neighbor came over and gathered all the soothers we had in our house and picked these out of the jar and said “she will take this no problem”.. and she was right! They were tiny and soft and she never looked back.  We used all NUK soothers after that. I bought these in blue/green this time around but AB had pink/purple.


7. Sophie the Giraffe

47db4d58c78643fa93cf86b035ffdfecOh look! Another list with this overpriced giraffe toy on it.. And for a good reason too. This giraffe is like crack for babies.  It is something about her shape being easy to hold in tiny hands and the soft rubber being soothing on gums and the smell being nice and fresh.. All I know is my kid loved this.  As soon as AB started loosing interest in Sophie I tucked her away so she stayed in nice shape for baby 2.  Though the price tag is a big to swallow, I totally recommend this toy. The inventors of this were some secret geniuses obviously.



Other favourites:

Though these are my most highly recommended pics, there is other gear I sing praises to as well.

Honourable mentions go to:

Infantino Mei Tai Carrier (Hip Dysplasia- friendly carrier!!)

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller (I could talk about how awesome this stroller is for days!)

Bumbo Seat (when used properly, this seat offers baby a whole new perspective on life.. and there are hacks that can be done to make it hip-dysplasia friendly)

-Any clothes from Carters (these clothes seriously held up to the wear and tear of a newborn.  Their sets are awesome- super cute and everything coordinates.  I was sad to see AB outgrow the ‘baby’ section because the baby stuff was super cute!)

Now I don’t claim to be an expert- just a mom who is getting ready to do this newborn thing again with (hopefully) a different perspective thanks to experience and hindsight.  Do you have any baby must-haves that I don’t know about? Anything I need to try that will change my life?
I don’t believe in having lots of stuff so I don’t mind having a couple really good things that will hold up.

Hope this list helps anyone who is about to navigate the aisles of Babies R Us- for the first or fourth time.. Baby gear can be an intimidating world! Good luck!





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