Fun in the Sun.


So we have had, like, 6 days of sun and hot so I am officially declaring Summer! This summer is going to be a lot different for our family as we have recently purchased a 5th wheel trailer that we have on a permanent campsite.  We hope to spend many weekends there as a family (and extended family) swimming, beaching, lounging, and just generally summering.  It will also mark perhaps the biggest change in our family. In 22 days from today our little family of three will grow to a family of 4. I am due to have a little boy which will complete our family.

So! New vacation spot + Newborn= who the heck knows.


Enter a caption


I am trying hard not to have high expectations for this summer as it is nearly impossible to predict what a dynamics this baby will bring to our family. My daughter was a pretty awesome baby who, at 2.5 years, still loves every last minute of sleep she gets and despite being a challenging toddler at times, is pretty easy going and allows us a pretty good balance of ‘adult things’.  That said, I am not one to sit and do nothing and it is hard for me to have a whole summer ahead of me and not set goals for it.

So I found some compromise.  Here is my bucket list for Summer 2016…

Bucket list

While this might sound mundane and like an average summer, for me the list represents finding a routine again once baby boy is here and still enjoying the things we love to do.

What is on your summer bucket list? Am I missing something awesome?


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